During the more than 5 years I’ve lived in Vietnam I’ve been lucky enough to travel considerably.

I’d like to show you places I’ve been to and loved.

Please send me photos of places you’ve been to!  I would love to receive your travel life shots!  I will be happy to post some of your favorites too!

In April it was such an incredible experience to escape the everlasting heat of Saigon and head for the hills!  Dalat is the city the French went to cool off when they were here trying to run this country. (tongue in cheek, there!)

No matter how they did or did not do the job of running the country they certainly knew how to build delightful vacation homes in the best Hill Country City, Dalat, in Vietnam.  There the air is cool in the mornings and evenings and comfortable during the days.  There may be a bit much of rain somedays but the lush vegetation is the payoff.

Now in another century Dalat is coming back as a Go-to place to take the heat off and wade in some cool air and take in exceptional natural beauty.  There is still a Small Town feel about the place that endears it even more.

If one is fortunate enough to stay in one of the old French villas (as they are lovingly termed…some are and some aren’t…but enticing they all are!) the stay is enhanced with the momentous architecture.

Here are some pics of the delightful CADASA RESORT. They speak for themselves.


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