All my life I’ve been passionate about houses!  But the theme of HOME is what really sets my heart flying.  The concepts of what HOME means to all of us varies as much as we all are different.  It’s the stuff of life….HOME.  All of us remember the places we call home.

For me the house…or apartment or townhouse…or anyplace where I live is home.  We all know the adage, “Home is where the heart is”…well, I suppose it’s true in the end.  Our hearts always resonate with the spaces where we live.  But for some of us it’s more than “normal” how we identify with the very space that we occupy…and the others occupy.

Here is where I will show the places…the homes…that touch me.  And I hope will touch you as well!

And here is where I live (for now!).  It’s a wee place in the home of my friend that I helped to design in 2011.  It’s more like a hotel suite really.  And it was so much fun to source the vintage pieces and put it all together.

This is the corner of the living area where I usually sit…to work on my computer, to read, to watch television and to visit.  The painting is a copy made here in Saigon from a photo I took of the original which is back in Vancouver.  A Chinese artist from Hong Kong.  I bought it at a garage sale in Vancouver!  I love the quiet 2 dimensional attitude of the piece.  When I showed it to a German friend here in Saigon he said it was “horrible”!


And here’s a nice view of the space including this gorgeous vintage four poster bed.  Circa 1940.

This shot shows the view across the bedroom area into the bathroom.  There is a lovely vintage cabinet. Don’t know it’s provenance. But it has a full length mirror and houses glassware and dishes and office supplies.  I’m keeping it simple.  The desk area needs some improvement for storage.   It’s coming!


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