Welcome to HarmonyHomeLife.

I am Allan.  Allan Edwin Hunt.  Canadian.  63 years old.  Too old.  And not getting any younger.  But who’s counting?  What’s the point?  Although I still like to celebrate my birthday.  Anything for another piece of Carrot Cake!

This is me.  At the Inexpressible ANGKOR WAT, Cambodia in January, 2012.

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Going on 6 years living in Saigon, Vietnam. I still consider myself a Vancouverite though having lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for so many years.  Nor can I forget my birthplace.  Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.  January 23, 1949.  Yup!  I told you I’m too old.

And then lots of years on the family farm just down the back country road from that “blink and you’ll miss it” place called Muir, Ontario, Canada.  Only a gas station, a convenience store and a school.  Oh, and the red brick Country Church.

But Woodstock is the nearest city.  Maybe I should return for awhile.  Hmmm!

Anyway.  I’m breathing, so I still have a future.  Doesn’t hurt to think about that, does it?  Even dream a little.  Sometimes.

For now, Saigon is home.  Well, the District called Binh Thanh.  It’s stuffed with people.  And motorcycles.  And noise.  And pollution.  But it’s ALIVE.  Everywhere around Saigon is the typical Asian city.  All of the above!

Thank Goodness, the house where I live is in a little back alley and it’s amazingly quiet.  A small apartment in a new house that I helped my friend, Tu plan and build.  Well at least I was a consultant.

Didn’t think I’d live here. But it’s evolved into my home too!  And I like it.  Only 500 square feet in the suite upstairs where I live. But it’s like a lovely Hotel Suite.  All new and neutral and comfortable and cool. When the air conditioning is on.  Check out HOMELIFE in the gallery on my Homepage!

I love coffee.  Don’t you think it’s part of culture the world over?

Almost everyday I head out to my favorite Coffee Hangout.  Phuc Long Coffee.  It’s a tiny, hot, uncomfortable place with air conditioning but no door!  Imagine!  And hard stools with no backs. And pretty good coffee.  Probably not great.  But I’m not fussy about coffee really. As long as it’s black and has caffeine!  But the best thing about this Little Hangout is the people…expats, tourists, Viets who speak English.  I’ve made tons of friends in this tiny spot in the heart of Old Saigon and have been there hundreds of times.  No kidding.  Do the Math…almost everyday for more than 5 years…?  It’s in the hundreds.  But I’ve stopped counting.  I just keep going!

Well, that’s enough about me. For now.

HarmonyHomeLife!   WHY THIS TITLE?


  • The meaning of my name, “Allan” is somewhat close to HARMONY
  • My HOME is one of my most passionate interests.
  • LIFE is what I like to celebrate…as much as possible!
So…here goes with a new venture. And since I’m not very technical, I’m not sure how it will all transpire.
But I’m “itching” to write a bit about HOME and ART and TRAVEL and lots of STUFF…and find and refer anyone who reads HarmonyHomeLIfe to the blogs and sites I enjoy most.
See you often…I hope!

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