Tuscan Tower in the Heart of Old Saigon!

Tuscany in Saigon?  Doesn’t sound quite right.  Would expect a more Asian home, wouldn’t you?  But no, there is one very sophisticated SIX level European style home right here in the heart of Old Saigon.  It’s new…built in 2011.  It’s a cool Eclectic/Euro home built by one cool guy!  He’s Vietnamese American come back to live in his Home Country.

He has impeccable taste and a casual elegant style himself as well as in his home!

I got the privilege of a Grand Tour of Mr.An’s home about six months ago.  Delicious!  Loved the place!

Recently I asked Mr. An if he’s let me crash his home and take some photos for my Little Blog.  He consented.  So yesterday I took my trusty camera with me and snapped away.

I’m new a Home Blogging.  I need a better camera.  I need more experience to stage my photos just right. But for now I’m just thrilled to be able to take you with me on this tour!  The house staff were busy cleaning.  I think I gave them a novel interruption.  They were great flicking lights on and off for me as I traipsed to the top and made my way down all FIVE flights of stairs taking in the sights of Mr. An’s Tuscan Tower.

Click on a smaller image below to view the full size slideshow.


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