Behind the scenes before the Great Brother Visit.

Well…it was just a good excuse to put some extra effort into making the house present itself with a better face!  So…we spent a lot of time tweaking the space to put it’s best foot forward so far!

I have a computer full of photos of the house building process…soon to come! But here are a few shots of the final (for now) arrangement of furnishings, accessories and art that we got all positioned perfectly only hours before Dave’s arrival!  And it was really great fun!

This is what greets you when you open the door.  Granite stairs and some really awesome contemporary art. (mine! Ha!)


But I’m not the only artist around.  What do you think of my Sidekick Tu’s BUG?  I love it.  It’s not menacing…just a friendly Strange Guy (The Bug I mean, not Tu).  Tu does all kinds of art…Digital.  He draws it all digitally and I think it’s quite incredible.  Graphic for sure.  The other piece here is an Imagination of Psychedelic Proportions straight out of my brushes!

I’ll be giving you lots to see of this apartment…it’s actually the second floor of Tu’s house.  His Mom lives downstairs.  He bought the house several years ago…I mean the old rustic shack that was there.  Last year he tore the house down and built a new one.  It’s now home for me too.  I love it.

You’ll notice our color scheme is a lot of neutrals from black and whites to creams and wheat tones with some rich blues and hits of red.  Here are a few views of the space.  It’s not large.  Only about 500 square feet (50 square meters).


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