Dave Hunt visits! Brothertime is awesome!

We all love to play host sometimes don’t we?…when we can share our homes and where we live with those we care about.

My brother Dave arrived in Saigon yesterday morning at 9:30am. We have four days of brothertime ahead.  A chance for me to play host in this incredible city…and little time in the country too.

We met at the airport.  Taxi to Dave’s hotel.  Check-in.  Check out the room.  It’s right across the street from My Favorite Little Coffee Shop.  Nice room.  Cool Bathroom. Even a sophisticated toilet.  Hmmm!  And a soaker tub.  Wonder if Dave will have time for that?!


SO…welcome to Vietnam!  The Land of the Great Gold Star!


Wikipedia speaks:

The flag of Vietnam, also known as the “red flag with yellow star” (c đ sao vàng), was designed in 1940 and used during an uprising against French rule in Cochinchina that year. The flag was used by the Việt Minh, a communist-led organization created in 1941 to oppose Japanese occupation. At the end of World War II, Việt Minh leader Hồ Chí Minh proclaimed Vietnam independent and signed a decree on September 5, 1945 adopting the Việt Minh flag as the flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The DRV became the government of North Vietnam in 1954 following the Geneva Accords. The flag was modified on November 30, 1955 to make the edges of the star sharper. The red background was inspired by the flag of the communist party, which in turn honors the red flag of the Paris Commune of 1871. It symbolizes revolution and blood. The five-pointed yellow star represents the unity of workers, peasants, intellectuals, youths and soldiers in building socialism. Until Saigon was captured in 1975, South Vietnam used a yellow flag with three red stripes. The red flag of North Vietnam became the flag of a united Vietnam when the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was formed in 1976.

Poem and flag design by Nguyen Huu Tien

… All those of red blood and yellow skin

Together we fight under the nation’s sacred flag

The flag is soaked with our crimson blood, shed for the nation

The yellow star is the colour of our race’s skin

Stand up, quickly! The nation’s soul is calling for us

Intellectuals, peasants, workers, traders and armymen

United as a five-pointed yellow star..

Soon you’ll see where we went and what we did.

I’ll take you on a tour with us.  You can join us in the sights and sounds and tastes of our adventure.  And  I hope you can discover some of the heartbeat of this emerging country.  It’s charm is everywhere.  You will see!

Give me a few days to get my photos downloaded and organized.  Soon!


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