In my last post I wrote about Vung Tau…today a quiet scenic peninsula lined with rocky beaches and sunshine and clouds that tower in the Wild Blue. A gentle place with humid days and cool evenings. Remnants of the French who favored this short drive from Saigon to the Sea.

They called it Cap St. Jacques back then.  It still feels a little French.  But mostly it’s a mishmash of contemporary Vietnamese hotel architecture that’s Pretty  Bad.  Some newer modes are hitting some grace notes.  Especially some of the homes of the Viet Nouveau Riche.

Nevermind the Good, Bad and Ugly. It’s a Beautiful Place.  A Catch Your Breath Place.  A Listen to the South China Sea Place!

We went on the VINA Express Hydrofoil.  It’s the fast way to Vung Tau.  Slipping just above the water for an hour and a half.  And then rolling into the Vung Tau Futuristic Terminal in one of the quiet bays.  It’s not quiet there though.  Loudspeakers hammer all day posting the next sailings.  But it’s only steps away to tranquility.

Ride with me (on our rented Honda Nuovo)  for some of the photos we snaffled.   A WOW sky.  Coffee at Classic Garden.  From our middle of the road hotel room to the exquisite Binh An Resort Restaurant and lots of In Between Stuff.

The trip home was uneventful.  With a dead battery in the camera.  We took too many photos anyway.

Adieu Cap St. Jacques!


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