How to link blogs

As a Beginner Blogger and inordinately illiterate on my computer. Well obviously I’m not illiterate.  Quite the contrary I’d like to hope.  And hope it’s obvious.  Just as obvious may well be the ineffective way(s) I but the graphics and photos…and especially the links…together here.

I hope to rectify this distasteful situation.  As I check out other blogs, I’m amazed at the variety and gloss and interest that is out there.  Mind blowing.  Quite.  I can’t compete.  So I’ll just try to be an Improved Me and try to keep your interest in someway.

But you see, I can’t seem to decide who I am as a blogger….Hmmm….?  Am I a frustrated…or fulfilled…Interior Designer?  An incompetent…or incredible…photographer?  A glib…or glittering…poet?  Or perhaps I’m a credible…or crazy…artist?  Well.  There you have it?  Obviously I don’ t know (yet)) who I am (as a blogger)  Or possibly even as an homme human!  You be the judge!

And I’ll keep working on it!




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