Maybe I should tell you a bit about my brother.  Well actually I have FIVE brothers.  It would take too long to tell you about ALL of them here…now.  Since Dave is visiting Saigon, I’ll tell you a bit about him.

Here’s the whole clan of us awhile ago…all six of us brothers (no sisters) and our offspring!


I’m actually proud of ALL my brothers for different reasons.  But Dave is singular in our family because he’s the most educated!  He wouldn’t like me to say that, but it’s true.  I mean who isn’t proud of a sibling who has a PhD….!  And the fact that he worked at it for quite a few years while working at an incredibly busy job and living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia makes it even more of an accomplishment.

Dave and his wife Lynn and three sons moved to California nearly 30 years ago. From Canada.  They’ve since become American citizens.  (Remember…I am Canadian. Lived in Vancouver for 30 years before adopting Vietnam!)

You’ve already met Dave in the past couple of posts, But I want you meet Lynn.  It would have been doubly special if she could have visited Vietnam too.  But someone has to attend graduation exercises of grand children.  Ha.  Here she is with their eldest granddaughter, Katie at her High School graduation just a few days ago…this past Wednesday, May 30.

Dave and Lynn are one of those couples that everyone loves!  They are Dad and Mom to, I think, hundreds of people.  Not many people reach out and take care of people in need and crisis and those asking for help like they do!  Not many people raise three kids and a lot of years later adopt 2 more!  But Dave and Lynn do things most people wouldn’t think of.

Here are the two Sweethearts Dave and Lynn adopted.  Two Ethiopian children who had no viable family able to raise them. They are both incredible Sparks of Life!  Tariku is 6 and Weyitu is 4.  Charming, talkative, assertive, and unbelievably smart…both of them!

Dave has worked for CityTeam Ministries out of San Jose, California for nearly 30 years and has had a huge career of working to make change happen in people’s lives…from substance abuse to families in need to establishing and new way of thinking about faith and spirituality, Dave has always been there.  And always thinking in new ways.  Always promoting honesty and change in the healthiest, most productive ways he can imagine and implement.

Never mind what one may think of spirituality or religion or God, isn’t it awesome to celebrate people who are committed to make our world a better place!

Dave and Lynn are those kind of people.

So…you can imagine how happy I was that Dave was able to spend four precious days of his schedule with me in Saigon following a conference he was attending in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you’d like to know a little more about Dave and his ideology of spirituality…of faith…of church, take a few minutes and read this link.  http://www.davidlwatson.org/2010/07/23/a-revolution-in-church-multiplication-in-east-africa/    It’s all about a happy, meaningful way of making it all happen. Read on.  It might surprise you.

You might never enter a church.  You may have no faith or spirituality.  Doesn’t matter.  It’s always a celebration to celebrate what others think about all this!  And probably you DO have something to celebrate about how you think of “spirituality”.

Well, that’s a bit of background about My Brother Dave.  More to come!


You might like a very interesting read (only about 150 pages!) about some ideas of spirituality.  Here is Dave’s thesis.  It’s fascinating to think about “new” or “different” ways to consider “church”.  You might not agree or even care much, but you might also be intrigued.  I certainly was.  Probably most of us have been disappointed, dismayed or even disillusioned to the point of throwing the whole idea of any kind of “spirituality” out by “stuff” we’ve seen or experienced with established religion.  I’ve been there.

But a lot of people are re-evaluating their ideas of spirituality and finding the path that works for them…or looking for the path anyway.  This thesis is worth a look!



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